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World Hypertension Day

May 17 of 2009 was declared to be the World's Hypertension Day. The theme for World Hypertension Day (WHD) 2009 is “Salt and High Blood Pressure: Two Silent Killers.”

The Day aims to highlight that:

• High blood pressure is the biggest single cause of death worldwide through strokes, heart attacks and kidney diseases
• Salt is the major factor putting up blood pressure
• Reducing salt intake reduces blood pressure across the population
• If salt intake was reduced by half it would save approximately 2.5 million people a year dying unnecessarily of strokes, heart attacks and chronic kidney diseases worldwide

Great percentage of death not only here in Philippines but also in other countries were caused by Hypertension. Hypertension was believe to be a traitor and a silent killer. And these are the reasons that pushed the World Hypertension League to initiate these event as a way of reminding people about these issue.

There are some ways to lessen and avoid these major problem. These are from experts who specialized on these field of medicine.

Salts are believe to be one of the main cause of such illness. Because of that, these should be minimized from our daily consumption. Salt is one of the silent killer that could trigger and lead us to different sickness. It could affect most of the human system.

Having high blood pressure was not uncommon to Pilipinos. Pilipinos love to eat high fat content foods. These are also one cause of having high blood aside from hereditary. Doctors suggest that we must minimized on eating more of these kind of foods. These would just lead us into suffering.

Aside from that, cigarettes and alcohol are also included on the list. These are considered as pesticides for the human body. Some say that this stuff has advantage to them but they didn't considered the other side. Letting this stuff into our body is more likely killing our self. These greatly affects the human lungs and the kidney. Worst could be, you will end up 6 ft below the ground.

Exercise and balanced diet would be appreciated to avoid hypertension. That's the best way to avoid it. Some would say it is very difficult to do but these is just for their own health. If you do it then you will have the reward otherwise you will compromise yourself.


alicia27 said...

Excellent article! I got hypertension from taking other meds. I'm young, but doctors were putting me on meds for everything. I've finally had to pick and choose what i take, based on side effects... and stroke level blood pressure is one of those that they neglected to tell me about.

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