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Pacman - the Best Pound for Pound Boxer

After Pacman defeated Hitman with a knock out decision in the second round of the match, pacman was now the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. It's Doubt! Pacman's fans was very happy and shouting when he knock out the Hitman who was been considered as the best in pound-for-pound because of his style in fighting.

Manny had delievered 73 out of 127 punches to Hatton and most of it were power punches. Within 2 rounds many punches were delievered by both fighters but it was very clear that pacman excelled in both rounds. Hatton also had hit Pacman with 18 punches out of 78.

During the first round, Hatton fell twice after Pacman hit him at his jaw with Pacman's powerful left punch. In the following round, Pacman finish it with another left punch that made Hatton completely lying on the ring.

Most of the boxing commentators and enthusiasts were amazed and shocked of what had hapenned. They never expected that the match would end as early as 2 rounds.


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