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Is it Lambert or Allen will be the next Idol

American Idol delivered a shocker Wednesday as voters chose Kris Allen for the title over Adam Lambert, who had been considered a prohibitive favorite for much of the show's eighth season.

Going into the finale, much of the media and many fans dwelled on their obvious differences. But ultimately, their similarities carried them to the finale. Both took musical cues from last year's winner, David Cook, frequently taking great liberties with their chosen material. That approach made them the season's most interesting contestants.

The question is "Who's gonna snatch the crown this time?".


Valea said...

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musicparadox said...

in terms of talent, lambert really deserves to be the champion... but this is american idol dude.. hehe! its not just about the talent, its more on the charisma... and their songs should be "singable".. do you really think many peaple can sing a lambert song? i dont think so.. he's way too talented for people to be able to sing his song... that's why kris won..

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