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If You are the Girl

Uhmm hello guys. I need some help with this, especially to the girls. I need some of your opinions.

Okay, here's the situation. I have a friend. One time, they went to a basketball game. While watching the game, he noticed that there was a pretty girl on his front when they entered the gym. At first, he did not mind her and instead go to find for a spot to see the game clearly. And so with the girl. But to make the story short they stayed in place not so far with each other. In fact, they are just about 6 to 7 meters away from each other near enough to see each other. Because she was pretty, as in very pretty that even looks like a celebrity, he stared at her once in a while. One time he caught that girl also staring at him. At first he did not mind it but as time passes they always caught each others eye and flattered. And he said to me that the moment she stares at him and when he caught her eyes they'll pretend of doing something and one time she even caught the girl smiling on her own. Its not that the guy was assuming but some of his friends also noticed the girl and in fact they've observed it too.

He asked me if what is my opinion on this. But the problem is, I can't hardly say because I'm not the girl even though I've shared to him my opinion as a guy. He's questions was "Did the girl like him too as he likes her?" and "What was possibly on her mind that time?".

So please share your thoughts with this one. He needs some opinion as a girl (guys can share too, just indicate). Thanks.


mikeli said...

hmn.. I think it is best to confront her or get to know more about her rather than stereotyping or reading between the lines.. it is better off to get to know her so as to end up all queries in your head.. Life is a school of probability you know.. there are probabilities that that girl was thinking something else or it was just coincidental that she looked at the guy at that moment or maybe she was looking to someone else which will eventually be just a misconception for the guys part.. and maybe there is also a chance that that girl also liked the guy which elucidates why she was gazing at him as well..

but anyhow.. like I said, to answer all the questions bugging the guys mind.. he should get to know the girl.. ask her name, ask if does she even have a BF already.. stuffs like it..

after all, getting to know someone is the first step to build up a more solid foundation.. where friendship somehow leads to a more intimate rapport.. eheheh :P

oh well..
although it will somehow be scary to ask her name or even ask her out but it's better that way than not do anything to answer all your queries..

Just like others would say:

"No guts, No glory.."

Good luck! :P

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