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Google Updates - Google Page Rank Update

Hi guys! I just want to say congratulation to some of my friends here in the web for getting their Google PR. Just a few hours ago, Google did an update on their database on page ranks.

They might consider this is one as one of their success. Obtaining a PR is very necessary task especially if you are aiming to earn online. These is one important thing to do, to drive more readers and to increase your traffic in your page.

These update is made every three months. As a blogger, these is one tough effort for you to gain PR.

How does this PR gained? PR are not as easy as you think. You need to invest much time and effort for this. If you are just new then you need some time for this. You need to give you best in posting articles that you think that it could help and gain more readers. It must be timely!

PR is based on who much traffic or how many links are pointing to your page or site. So the best thing to do is, get your site engaged in social networking sites and directories for others to be informed that this site is there. Giving your links to others or simply exchanging links to them.


darksphere said...

if google says N/A does that mean that you're not able to gain any PR?

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