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Weekdays Afternoon Fun

From now on, my summer weekdays afternoon was not as worst as ever. Its because starting this week, i got a new schedule. Its not that big deal but nevertheless it entertained me.

Just this week, a new televesion show from Kapamilya ABS-CBN had launched Precious Hearts Presents Bud Brothers in addition to my favorite show Hot Shot aired every afternoon.

Aside from the very funny Hot Shot series, starred by some taiwanese famous actors like Jerry Yan, Wu Chun, Show Luo and the pretty Zhou Cai Shi. The series was quite entertaining and nice. Aside from I love playing basketball that's why I love to watch it but also the love stories in it which is sometimes inspiring.

In the other hand, I found this Bud brothers show cool for one reason. I love to watch Cristine Reyes on it. It sounds funny but its okay. Shes pretty in fact I'm not alone watching her show because some of my friends here also find her beautiful. In other words, there are many of us fascinating her beauty.

"She's damn pretty and sexy!". Referring to Cristine.


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