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Prison break Finale - Goodbye Michael J. Scofield

The popular tv series in US - Prison Break has come to an end.

For four season we've seen Michael Scofield and his friends had undergone a lot of challenges and near death experience that made the series amazingly different from the others. For the entire duration of the series, they kept on running and being chase by different groups who are trying to manipulate Michael's skills. And even his own family was involved with this.

The final episode of the fourth season was great in the sense that all of those people that were used by the group named The company that were all treated as criminals by the government were given justice and freedom. Freedom that they were innocent from all the crimes that were alleged on them but also free as anybody who can be who ever they want.

The bad guys were punished and served based on the crimes they made. The General was imprisoned and was sentence to death in Fox River. T-bag was also sent back to Fox River even though he claimed as one of the good guys who helped to find scylla and give it to Mr. Kellerman who was believed to be dead but surprisingly he was alive and the one who is in charge in chasing scylla for good. Mrs Cristina Scofield, the mother of Michael, was also killed after Sara shot her at the back.

After four years when the scylla was handed to the authorities. Aside from Sucre who realize his dream to be with his beloved wife Maricruz as well as Benjamin Franklin who loves his family very much and they were together. Also, Alex Mahone have located his wife Pam but he preferred to live with his assistant Agent Lang and Michael's brother Linc, settled down in Panama together with Sophia and his son Lj. And lastly, Sara had delivered her son who's name was Michael Jr. but raise him without his father Michael. Michael died because of his illness brain tumor. Even though it seems to be unhappy but Michael was the only reason that makes everyone connected since they find time to gather together and spend time to visit Michael's grave next to a sea.

Overall the series was nice and great one! No doubt it was the number one tv series in US next to Heroes.


maidarksphere said...

omg. prison break is already over?? haha! poor me. i was only up to season 3. gawd. after reading what happened in the ending of season 4 i now want to watch all the seasons. am a scofield fan and it's sad to know that he died in the ending. tsktsk..

excited na nuon ko mutanaw ug season 4 da. thanks for this post anyway.

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bangdel said...

Prison break..?! I like this movie.

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