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Photoshop - Image Editing Tool

Image editing is so much fun especially if you are very creative in arts. It's that way you could express your feelings through designing. Most of the people nowadays are into photo editing. Most of them do these stuff to enhance images and emphasize their image more.

Photoshop is a software where you could use to edit these images. It has the capability of making things appear as it like. It does not limit what you will do as long as you have the techniques on how to do what you want to create.

One of the leading company that provides the technology of photo editing is the Adobe systems. They develop the Adobe Photoshop which is one of the best tool today that could be used to edit any kind of images. Aside from that, it also have many functionalities that could be useful in photo editing and enhancing.

Aside from Adobe there are also other makers that provide almost the same functions as the Adobe have. It could be an open-source or for-sale.

Friendster Private Photos

Just a while ago, while i was reading some articles about friendster issues. I was stuck on one article which talks about these private photos in friendster. Before there's a big possibility in which these pictures can be seen but even though they are labeled as private photos compared to now. It's because the admins from friendster updated their security against these activity.

But i know some people are still trying to find loopholes in friendster just to see other private photos. There are different techniques and strategies on how to do it especially if you are familiar with the web.

Just a while ago I've met a friend that was able to see a private photos by doing phishing. These technique is another advanced and illegal way of getting an access to someones account. And worst of it, he can do what ever he want on it. And he shares that he was able to see pictures that could be used to blackmail people so it could be an explicit content and whatever photos that would serve as and evidence of an act.

Bottom line, if you don't want to end up with a scandal, better not to post your pictures on the web or anywhere that could possibly be seen by others. Even if you make it private. Because the more you make it private the more others will be curious on looking at it.