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Stream Music and Videos even if you're Far from your Computer

Have you heard of streaming music and videos even if you are too far away from your computer?

You will be probably amazed of this capability of the latest iPhone from the Apple Company. Using iPhone, you can continue listening to your playlists as well as watching the latest movies from your computer even if you are away from it.

iPhone can store up to multigigabyte capacity but it would not be enough for your vast collections of songs and videos. That is why they put this capability of iPhone to connect to your computer anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet. This function uses the internet to access your computer in a remote.

You are probably thinking that this would only work with Mac since they are of the same company. But you are wrong! Even if this product is made by Apple, it would also be possible in some other Operating System you are using. They also targeted those Window System and Linux System users.

You will only need to setup and synchronize both your computer and your iPhone. And of course, it would be easy if you are a Mac user than other system user they specify a built in function for it.

The setup is not actually hard. You will just need to install software that would serve as your control. It is easy and free! Make this as your reference in setting up your computer.

This gadget is one of the hottest item in the market at the present. Being away from home and yet you are still just at home watching movies and listening music is another advance one. You can check it out in the web or google it.

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