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$1 Love for Typhoon "Ondoy" Victims

Typhoon Ondoy continue to hit Philippines particularly in the area of Luzon. And most of the cities in neighboring places in manila are flooded and reported to be in Signal no. 1 and 2.

The number of people that are in need of help are increasing. Some people are reported as missing. Sad to say there are also people that were killed due to hypothermia. And currently, as we can see on the news, there are lots of people out there that needs to be rescue and given some support. Some were reported that were stuck at the roof for about 45 hours or more. And others are also asking for comfort and food.

The reason that i was writing these article is to encourage readers to help. In that way we can help together those poor victims that needs our help. I'm a filipino blogger and thinks that in this way I can also help them being without physically present in the area.

Your $1 dollar could be a great help. A $ 1000 or more could not be complete without it. So together we send money to the victims so we can raise money for them. So if you are interested on helping them you can contact me through email and will give you the information where to send your financial support to and I will personally tell you where to send. Of course, you will be sending it directly to them. Currently I was trying to contact some person in ABS-CBN so I could coordinate with them the support.

Let's be Good Samaritan in our present time. Share your $1 or more and help our fellowmen.

You can also help through text and sending donations. Click here.


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