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Kiss boredom goodbye with Web Developing

Well, my boredom days was already over. Isn't it great huh?

Anyways, just as last week, I was hired as Junior Web Developer. 'Twas really happy knowing I have "now" something to do and at the same time earning a li'l bit cash. But along with that, I have to do some tasks and assignments with deadlines. But it's okay doing such stuff would help me in some ways.

I'm working with a good boss. I can say he's nice because he's nice to me. LOL. Also, I'm working with a very good mentor, very professional and a "Filipino". So, that means magkakaintindihan kami and di msyado mahirap. . . hahaha (you can ask me what does it means if you don't understand what I was saying).

Here's a sample of what I made.

What's good here is like two things. First, I got something to make me busy and not being bored and at the same time earning. And second, I'm learning! Hahaha. This one is an opportunity for me that's why I grabbed it.

But still, my Insomniac was still there. . .


Jan April said...

I should have hired you than doing all those hassles in editing by myself.. tsk tsk tsk.. ill let you know next time.. ;)


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