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Just Another Watch to Tell

Just this afternoon, my roommate was kinda sad. Why? It's because his watch was broken. I realized how he value it so much, because he thinks that time is so precious and watch is very important that it could remind him always. I came a to him hoping I could help him in his situation. I tried to look at his watch thinking that I could fix it for him on my own. But sad to say, I failed and maybe I'm just his roommate (and not that man who always pass by in our place shouting for watch repair... LOL).

Just a few minutes, when I open my computer, I stumble on this page about a titanium watch. And I think, maybe in this way by showing it to him, it could give him idea on what to do. I told him about it and sure enough he then open his notebook and checked it out. I told him instead of thinking on his old broken watch why don't you grab one of those elegant watches.

I don't know what he is thinking after that time but I know I gave him good ideas or shall we say options on what to do. Watch, for him, is very important. And I'm pretty sure that he could not let a week pass by without a watch on his wrist. This time it's either the titanium watch I've shown to him or still his old watch.


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