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Green Police

Have you heard about the Green Police? They are authorities that were organized and provided by the Save the World Club Charity. There main purpose are to keep the Glastonbury Festival clean.

What do they say?

Use the toilets provided - don't pee just anywhere, the ground really can't take it. It isn't good for the ground and it isn't good for the fish! If you are caught peeing you run the risk of being expelled from the Festival, or at least being very publicly ridiculed by the Green Police! There will be more toilets than ever and they will be a lot cleaner too.

Use the bins provided - Please use them for your rubbish. In 2007 the Green Police distributed recycling bags directly to the camping areas. Please help the litter pickers out by filling the bags with your rubbish.

Use the Cigarette 'BUTT BINS' - This year Green police will be handing out special butt bins for all you smokers out there. Every single butt that is dropped on the beautiful Glastonbury Festival land has to be picked up and it takes months to do so! Cigarette butt can contaminate up to 8 litres of water!


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