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Satan's tool: Online Games

Being a christian is not as easy, if you really think about being part of the little flock that will endure at the last days. Because Satan had made his plan and it is very subtle. With his followers they designed a very good plan for everybody. For everybody to be in hell.

Technology was never been exempted and was used also. They try to hook up everybody on it to forget God and at the same time feeding in the false belief in a very silent way. We do not know that each things on Earth were all connected.

Among the many ways Satan had used, online games was counted. He know that this is one way of getting the attention of the young minds and driving into their avenues. And we knew that after it, he could easily control and manipulate us because we are now already his people if it happens.

What makes online games a tool? In it, we can clearly see the possible effects to us yet we are pretending not to see it because we feel happy and entertain on it and we are being rational that there is nothing wrong with it. But if you take a closer look and observe, negative effects are much than that is positive.

Since we are educated enough, we can see that it is affecting not our health but also they way we act or our character.

Just don't be part of Satan's army because you hook into these stuff.

The eagle recovers around a mark!


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