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Green Smoke | Electronic Smoking

Innovation has gone so far. For the smokers, have you every think of electronic smoking? LOL quite amazing right? I know these is quite cool for you especially if you try to read more about Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettees. These are cigarettes that were made for purpose.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettees

Here are the main reasons most smokers prefer Green Smoke electronic cigarettes:

  • Two piece system – atomizer and the battery.
  • Replacing the cartridge is SIMPLE.
  • The nicotine pad is built into the cartridge, so it’s easy to use.
Most of the smokers in US prefer the Green Smoke because of their quality system. But for me, since I am not into smoking, I don't have any idea on this. I was just wanna share this information I've read in the internet.

It sounds great right?


iammai said...

weee, good for you. You're not a smoker pala ah? :D

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