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What makes People Happy?

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While I was seating on a bench near the balcony, this question "what makes people happy?" comes into my mind. What really does makes us happy? Have you ever thought about this one? I mean the real happiness.

If I were to answer this one, I could simply say that. Helping others could make me happy. As long as they are happy of what I am doing or who I am to them, that could makes me happy. World stuff, I mean materialistic stuff could make us happy but they could sometimes makes us unhappy.

Now, If I were to ask you, What makes you happy? Or should I ask are you happy?

Funny but true

Just wanna share this experience with you guys. When I was in College, I have lots of experience but this one is the most memorable on me. It's not that this one has something that I need to treasure off but it's something that was very funny that I could not afford to forgot. I don't know why. LOL

There was one time that my roommates where watching something in the room. When I arrived I got no idea what they are watching. I stopped for a moment to mingle. I found out that they are watching Kayden Kross on Blake Logan in the computer. They have fun. They have fun in mocking those person they see. I don't no why and they just keep on laughing with it.

It so happen that my other roommate came in. He is some kind of innocent person. My roommates invited him to join. And in fact they offer the front seat for him. Maybe he just can't resist my roommates or he also wants to mingle with them, he agreed.

He asked my roommates what if somebody from the other room would come? And what will he do to hide it. Well, I don't know why my roommate do this but they prank him. Instead of teaching him to press alt+tab to hide the screen they said to press the capturing key of the keyboard that would make it automatic to be the wallpaper.

To make the story short, somebody came in from the other room and it so happen that it was the faculty female teacher and then my innocent roommate panicked and press the button that my roommate told. And then what comes next? hahaha

Beware of this Silent Killer!

Do you have any idea what is MSG or the Mono Sodium Glutamate? Well you should be aware of this thing and how does this thing greatly affects us.

As a small introduction of MSG, it is is a salt of the amino acid - Glutamic Acid (glutamate). A salt is the chemical name for a molecule held together by opposite charges. Basically one (mono) sodium atom is "stuck" to the amino acid glutamate. Basically you will gonna learn more about this stuff later of this post.

Actually this MSG is just considered as a trick to your tongue into making you think a certain food is high in protein and thus nutritious. It is not a "meat tenderizer". It is not a "preservative". The food industry is trying to confuse the issue by focusing on the "fifth" taste sense they call umami. Well the TRICK means a lot, it could be one of the deceptions we are not expecting that we already fall into with.

This video was a good explaination about it. Try to see it for yourself.

If I had only wear my Sunblocks

Just a weeks ago, I went out for an adventure with my friends. We climbed one of the best mountains in Mindanao, it was the Camiguin's Mt. Hibok-Hibok. The entire trip was great and lots of fun and then all of us enjoyed the activity. We shared laughs and more talks which is very relaxing.

When we finish the activity, I notice that my skin color changed. And to find out it was because I was expose to sun for the whole time when we are at the peak. But actually I did not even notice that I was expose to the sun when I was there. Maybe it's just because the temperature up there was very cold and you can even feel the sun penitrating your skin because of the coldness of the wind that touches it. But actually the sun did! And then find out that it really affects to our skin.

I was just too late when I realize that it would be best if I had put Sunblock on my skin. Maybe I have minimize the effect on it aside from covering my skin from the exposure. I know that if I had put Sunblocks on it then I would suffer skin changed and worst Sun burn. But it was all too late because all of those Sunblock reviews that I've read fews days from the activity was not even applied. Well It was really a mistake of not putting sunblocks in my skin.

Anyways, that could be another mistake to learn. Lol good for me! But it was too harsh that i suffered sun burn and skin pealing. Next time I won't forget such thing anymore. But it too some up everything, well it is still okay because I had enjoy the entire trip. Thanks to my friends. And I could recommend it too! But be sure not to forget your sunblocks.

It's Not About Failing

Have you heard about Fail Blog? What comes to your mind when you heard about it? I'm sure you are thinking about failures.

Nubag is actually video collection website of fail videos. Like other video streaming websites, you can upload and grab videos from Nubag but the only difference is, Nubag is a fail blog. That makes it more specific!

But there's something that makes it ironic. Nubag is all about NOT FAILING. It could be use as a reminder for us to succeed. Let's not look at the negative aspect of those failures but instead on the other side of it, its positive side.

As my favorite quotation says, "Don't stop when you fail, Stop when you are done". Isn't it a great success if we overcome those failures?