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If I had only wear my Sunblocks

Just a weeks ago, I went out for an adventure with my friends. We climbed one of the best mountains in Mindanao, it was the Camiguin's Mt. Hibok-Hibok. The entire trip was great and lots of fun and then all of us enjoyed the activity. We shared laughs and more talks which is very relaxing.

When we finish the activity, I notice that my skin color changed. And to find out it was because I was expose to sun for the whole time when we are at the peak. But actually I did not even notice that I was expose to the sun when I was there. Maybe it's just because the temperature up there was very cold and you can even feel the sun penitrating your skin because of the coldness of the wind that touches it. But actually the sun did! And then find out that it really affects to our skin.

I was just too late when I realize that it would be best if I had put Sunblock on my skin. Maybe I have minimize the effect on it aside from covering my skin from the exposure. I know that if I had put Sunblocks on it then I would suffer skin changed and worst Sun burn. But it was all too late because all of those Sunblock reviews that I've read fews days from the activity was not even applied. Well It was really a mistake of not putting sunblocks in my skin.

Anyways, that could be another mistake to learn. Lol good for me! But it was too harsh that i suffered sun burn and skin pealing. Next time I won't forget such thing anymore. But it too some up everything, well it is still okay because I had enjoy the entire trip. Thanks to my friends. And I could recommend it too! But be sure not to forget your sunblocks.


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Trip to mountain??

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