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Funny but true

Just wanna share this experience with you guys. When I was in College, I have lots of experience but this one is the most memorable on me. It's not that this one has something that I need to treasure off but it's something that was very funny that I could not afford to forgot. I don't know why. LOL

There was one time that my roommates where watching something in the room. When I arrived I got no idea what they are watching. I stopped for a moment to mingle. I found out that they are watching Kayden Kross on Blake Logan in the computer. They have fun. They have fun in mocking those person they see. I don't no why and they just keep on laughing with it.

It so happen that my other roommate came in. He is some kind of innocent person. My roommates invited him to join. And in fact they offer the front seat for him. Maybe he just can't resist my roommates or he also wants to mingle with them, he agreed.

He asked my roommates what if somebody from the other room would come? And what will he do to hide it. Well, I don't know why my roommate do this but they prank him. Instead of teaching him to press alt+tab to hide the screen they said to press the capturing key of the keyboard that would make it automatic to be the wallpaper.

To make the story short, somebody came in from the other room and it so happen that it was the faculty female teacher and then my innocent roommate panicked and press the button that my roommate told. And then what comes next? hahaha


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