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Redemption - Heroes Season Four ( Volume 5)

Heroes Season 4 - Redemption by
The Fourth Season of Heroes the "Redemption" has already started . Just a couple of weeks ago two episodes were already released.

The first episode was called "Orientation". It is showing something like everyone has moved on from their past and trying to start a new beginning and orientating themselves to where they think they should be as normal people. But it seems that it could be so hard for them to do. Another characters appeared along with another new abilities.

There are others like us out there... In the shadows, in the light. Each grasping for meaning in a world that won't accept them for who they really are. They, like us, are blessed, gifted with extraordinary abilities. And they, like us, struggle with finding their place in an ordinary world. Haunted by their past... From those who would harm them and keep them from their destiny. Every one of them deserves a chance to be who they really are, but to what end, for what purpose? Here in this place, we offer salvation. we offer hope. We offer REDEMPTION. And one by one, they will come to our side, to our family, and they will find their way home. And all who have gathered will be strong. And all who have gathered will stand in unison. I say it's time We found our way back home again. Find your way home, brother.

Those are some lines quoted from the first episodes of this season. And it seems this would make another new exiting season for this Series.

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