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eBooks Reading on your new iPhone

eBooks on iPhone
Innovation never stops and recently I've found something new and interesting about this new iPhones. Its like reading ebooks from it.

Basically browsing your favorite book using a phone was already possible since then but iPhone made it more productive. Even my Series 60 phone before was capable of reading ebooks but of course I have to make some tweaking on my settings as well as doing some conversion of the files that were used by the ebooks.

In iPhones, a lot of softwares and applications were made to fit with it. Possible ways to read ebooks from your iPhone could be using audible kinds of ebooks that uses mp3 or mp4 file formats. Instead of reading it, you can just easily listen to it and this would fit if your are driving. Actually there are lots of ways you could choose or kinds of file formats you could use. And it's not the same as the old times that you would be spending a lot of time on scrolling your ebooks on your phone because they are not readable enough for you to see and some times you need to zoom in a lot.

Most these stuff could be found on alot of today's advertisement.


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