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Philippine is negative on Swine Flu

The Department of Health on Monday allayed fears of the possible spread of the deadly swine flu virus in the Philippines, saying that there are no reported cases of swine flu among humans in the country.

"There is no report of swine flu among humans in Philippines...Following the World Health Organization alert among member states, the DOH has stepped up surveillance measures to prevent the entry of the virus that has killed 81 people in Mexico," Health Secretary Francisco Duque said in a press conference in Manila.

Duque said the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) has not reported any recent case of swine flu among hogs in Pangasinan, contrary to some newspaper reports. He also said that the swine flu virus in pigs is different from the "entirely novel [virus] strain" that has affected humans in Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

The strain of Ebola Reston virus in hogs detected in several Philippine farms last year is also different from the H1N1 virus strain in Mexico.

Duque said the government has enough stockpile of the Tamiflu (oseltamivir), the anti-viral drug used to treat various types of flu. The government had increased its supplies of Tamiflu for its avian flu virus readiness plan.


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