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The Hatton - Pacquiao Match

Both sides were already been busy in their preparation for the upcoming match. This fight was said to be very entertaining because both figthers are good and skilled one. They have different strengths in which they believe they could use to win the game.

Manny Pacquiao, the Philippines' champ, added that his opponent is a tough fighter but he said that he can still defeat him. He stated that his speed would be the key to his success but he never underestimate his opponent.

While Ricky says Manny gets rattled when pressured, citing Erik Morales’ win in their first match and Juan Manuel Marquez’ controversial loss in a rematch.

The 31 year old Briton, Ricky Hatton, insists he is much stronger and a better fighter -- hence an early exit of the Filipino idol is possible.

This is one compelling fight left in Manny’s calendar before he chases other pursuits.

The battle of the East and West.


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