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Just Another Tips

Web usability is a driving factor of your site that could drive your visitors coming back into your site. This is one of those many important things you must consider to improve your site. Below are some tips that would make your web's usability better.

Give your visitor what he/she is looking or what he/she needs

Your visitors are looking for information from your site and if he found out something from your site, for sure he'll stay and return. Therefore, provide your visitors enough information that they need.

Tell your visitors something about your site

Some sites are crammed with information with no specific order. That would confuse visitors that are coming on it. Provide information about your site in the opening page telling what it could offer to your visitors.

Provide important site wide links

These are quit important stuff to put in a site. This are helpful in minimizing time consumption in navagating your site. An access to important information are best way improve your site. They also allow the search engine robots to cache your pages efficiently. Site Wide links can be provided at the bottom of all web-pages.

Ensure that your website loads fast

No one likes pages that take long time to load. Your website visitor takes decisions in seconds and it won't take him long to press the back button or type another address to access other related websites. So make sure that your site loads fast.

The possible reasons for long loading times are

a.) Use of large graphics, java applets, flash programs or ad banners

b.) Inappropriate use of tables, like placing the entire page under a table

c.) Placing too much information (more than 50K) on one page

d.) Use of free or inferior hosting services resulting in slow data transfer

e.) Use of bad or junk html codes


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