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The dIfference between Video Game and Digital Game

What comes on your mind when we say about Video Games and Digital Games?

Actually, video game refers to a type of a digital game. Make sense? These video is actually the raster display device in which in computer device it is a data structure of rectangular grid of pixels that can be viewed using a monitor. That is how actually the word video game originated but most of the people would often refer the word video game into most type of game whether it use raster graphics or not.

The system used to play these games are called platforms. With the advent of technology we have today, we have a lot of platforms to illustrate. Arcade machines, personal computers, game consoles, DVDs, or even hand-held devices such or mobile phones are examples of platforms. Video games became very common on our generation today. Even appliances or any electronic devices that are capable of projecting are equipped with video games.

Video games became very rampant now. No doubt, these would not stop until the technology exist. We people would love to play video games for entertainment and past time but for others they live with it. We all have our own intentions why we play the game and the same thing why the inventors of this so called games created this game. Others may thank them for making the game but others would also be wondering why they have to make the game.

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